Corporate Responsibility

As an international leader in the animal health and nutrition industry, we have an obligation to our consumers, our employees, our communities and our environment to ensure we are operating in a responsible manner in all aspects of our business.

A Leader In Safety

Through our focus on providing quality products to our continuous renewals in certifications in food safety and security, United Animal Health is always increasing the level of standards required throughout the organization.

A Leader In The Community

United Animal Health, in coordination with The Midwest Food Bank, has created Promise for Protein, an organization that donates farm animals to food assistance programs throughout the community.

A Leader in Training

United Animal Health knows how important it is to keep employees up to date on all new security requirements and information being released on a day to day basis.  United Animal Health provides updated training information to employees to maintain the best practices in the industry.

Promise for Protein

Since 2010, United Animal Health and Promise for Protein have been organizing logistics and providing the processing costs necessary to convert donated farm animals into packaged meat. The Midwest Food Bank stores this converted produce until it is ready to be distributed to over 200 food banks, pantries, and shelters across the state of Indiana.

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Safe Feed | Safe Food Certification

United Animal Health is committed to providing safe quality animal nutrition products that exceed the expectations of our customers.  To demonstrate proactive food safety leadership, United Animal Health feed facilities adhere to, and comply with the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program requirements.

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Biosecurity measures are in place at each of the United Animal Health farms and are carefully monitored to assure the safety of our products, as well as our customers’.  The United Animal Health biosecurity program includes physical, personnel, transport, material control and Information security measures.