Strateris populates the gut with good bacteria to help restore and maintain a healthy gut balance.

It contains proprietary Bacillus strains selected from high-performing animals that were fed today’s modern diets. We do not use strains selected years ago from soil samples.


United Animal Health research has revealed that 58% of cows exhibiting clinical enteric disease harbored more than one pathogen. Probiotics can help.

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Healthy Gut. Less Work. 

Close the gap between where you are and where you could be.

The gut microbiota is dynamic. It changes as the cow ages due to physiological changes in the gut, changes in the environment and changes in diet. We use surveillance insights and predictive analytics to apply the right product based on performance needs and specific health challenges.

The secret to a healthy herd? Trust your gut!



5 / 5 Rating

“Strateris checked all my boxes. It got our herd moving in the right direction. We saw improvement in milk yield and components.” 

– Vincent, Strateris Customer

Our microbials are different. 

We control every step of the process.

We are the grower.

United Animal Health is one of a handful of companies in the United States that actually own the fermentation tanks used to grow microbials. Most companies contract out the selection, fermentation, manufacturing and scale-up of their products.


As the grower, we control every step of the process.

From the selection of the strain to the testing of the finished product on our commercial research farms, United Animal Health controls every step, and each step is done in the United States.


Our Bacillus is selected from high-performing animals.

We select our strains from animals. Unlike older products that select strains from soil, we found the best results in high-performing animals that are fed today’s modern diets, not rations from the past.


Our surveillance allows us to know what’s out there.

Production environments are constantly changing. Our PKX surveillance allows us to gather DNA from farms that fuels our continuous innovation of solutions. We also look beyond bacteria to connect the dots on the bigger picture.



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