Crop Stress? Animal Stress?
Stop Your Stress with M-Mobilize

Contaminated feed contaminates performance.

Mycotoxins, and their impact on health and performance, can affect farm profitability if left untreated. Read our published research. >

"Heat stress and mycotoxins can create enteric issues."



"Fumonisin is a quiet mycotoxin that causes mighty damage."



"You shouldn't be fooled by the impact of mycotoxins."



Each growing season creates new challenges.

Mycotoxins can be produced anytime within the crop growing season or during grain storage.

Humidity & Rain

Increases risk of fungal growth and mycotoxin production


Causes grain damage and facilitates fungal spores' entrance


Creates the perfect environment for molds to grow

The conditions that cause mycotoxins are unavoidable.

But together, we will minimize contamination to your animals. We promote a healthy microbiome.

Many factors damage gut integrity—especially in the early fall when seasonal diarrhea and E. coli thrive. Enteric pathogens like these are caused by the combination of heat stress and mycotoxins. Every farm is different, and we're here to guide you to a solution that works for you.

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What if you could have insurance against mycotoxins? Now you can.

Make M-Mobilize a part of your strategy in managing challenges with corn. It includes a proprietary Bacillus strain that promotes gut integrity and encourages a healthy microbiome. Even if you think your mycotoxin risk is low, commercial trials on this product reveal stunning results.

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Take the stress out of mycotoxin management.

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