United Animal Health is steadfastly committed to the development of animal nutrition and production technologies designed to bring value to our customers. This can only be accomplished through exhaustive research, and United Animal Health’s dedication to research and development is second to none. We were one of the first U.S. nutrition companies to invest in its own proprietary research facilities.

In fact, research is such a priority that United Animal Health invested half of its assets toward building its first research farm. Today, we own and operate several production – scale and small-scale discovery research centers. In fact, United Animal Health’s research expertise is so highly-respected that we are often consulted on products other than our own. Our research team of scientists and technical support staff focuses on several areas including: Maximizing production system efficiencies to improve customer profitability.

Our New Facility

Our Research Group applies its findings to commercial settings in order to develop products that perform in practical environments. This innovative approach creates positive economic outcomes for our customers. As a company with a strong reputation of pioneering research, United Animal Health attracts the best and brightest minds for our research teams. Our staff of experts includes scientists with decades of experience in animal science including nutrition, reproduction, microbiology and enzyme technologies.

Our highly trained and experienced representatives understand the issues that matter most to our clients. United Animal Health sales and technical service representatives have access to nutrition information and comprehensive performance record data. They use this information to help clients make well-informed business decisions and achieve positive results.