United Animal Health’s research team is staffed with nutritionists who are Ph.D.’s and assigned to specific areas of research, such as starters, sow diets, and grow-finish diets. That’s their assignment, that’s their focus – every hour, every day.

That research team then extends to the research farm where production researchers make sure the testing and trials are conducted in a manner consistent with the oversight of our nutritionists and staff vets.  We have people on the farms that are directly responsible for specific research projects.

We have assembled the brightest researchers, nutritionists, veterinarians and reproduction specialists to drive innovation and novel product development. Our research teams work together to bring viable concepts to by applying science in real, commercial research farms to ensure they work as promised.

The research farms evaluate novel products for nursery pigs, breed to wean pigs, sows, grow finish pigs, ruminants and show feed animals.


United Animal Health works with the best researchers from across the country. With advanced degrees from the top ag-science universities in the nation, our research and development teams use the latest scientific methods and procedures to find the best answers for our customers.


Like our researchers, our nutritionists are experts in animal nutrition and guide our product development efforts by applying the science of animal performance with our state of the art research capabilities.


The health and well-being of your animals is at the heart of everything we do.  We have veterinarians on staff to guide and oversee product development and provide the valuable insights of a veterinarian to our processes.

Production Experts

The United Animal Health team includes production experts that transitioned from the farm to our research team.  They too provide valuable insights uncommon during the research and development phase.  These production experts work side-by-side as a part of our research team to ensure that our solutions will work easily in a production environment.