Corporate Responsibility

 Dr. Billy Day

Dr. Billy Day has had a remarkable career. He has established himself both nationally and internationally as a top research scientist in reproductive physiology of swine. His research approach has been to investigate both physiological control of reproductive processes and then to use that knowledge to develop techniques to improve reproductive efficiency of swine on the farm. His studies have resulted in the publication of over two hundred fifty scientific articles, which have contributed to the receipt of several awards. He has mentored and taught many students at the University of Missouri and has strived to pass his knowledge on to others and to provide leadership in an unselfish manner.

Dr. Philip Dziuk

Dr. Philip Dziuk is an internationally renowned reproductive physiologist and his distinguished career can be seen through his pioneering research that formed the basis for much of modern swine reproductive management. His innovative research includes development of ovulation induction and fixed time AI and early ultrasound pregnancy testing. This led to over 150 journal articles as well as other numerous publications, awards and honors. His 50 plus year career in mentoring and classroom instruction has led to a great impact on generations of developing scientists and animal productionists some of which are creating their own impact on the industry.