Uncompromising Innovation.

United Animal Health’s culture of integrity has always been based on the principle that everything we do for our customers is founded on applied research. As our customer base has grown, so has our research capacity. In fact, United Animal Health was one of the first U.S. nutrition companies to invest in its own proprietary research facilities. We attract and hire the best and brightest minds for our research teams. Our staff of experts includes a team of scientists with decades of experience in a variety of areas related to animal science including nutrition, enzyme technologies, reproduction and microbiology.

Today, United Animal Health’s research capacity is unparalleled in our field. We conduct more research protocols than anyone in the industry (80 per year) and the diversity of our staff’s backgrounds give us a wide variety of skill sets and opinions to make sure our research is as thorough as possible. Our research allows us to constantly improve our products and examine new products being released to the market so that we can confidently advise our customers on their effectiveness in the marketplace.

United Animal Health has one of the most extensive swine research facilities and capabilities in the world. We have more than 1,475 experimental pens in 17 technology research centers and 18 production scale research facilities, which use computerized feeding to individually monitor more than 20,000 pigs at any given time. We have the capacity to run nutrition trials for up to 80,000 pigs, dairy cows and poultry annually through all production phases.

The Research Group at United Animal Health is customer-focused and work hand-in-hand with customers, analyzing their operations and advising them on increases in profitability through formulation, budgeting, planning, and more. In addition, we provide a variety of tools and models that help our customers get the best results out of their nutrition products based on their genotype, weight or age of their animals.

We conduct extensive research across multiple species including pigs, poultry and ruminants. Research trials are conducted internally as well as in conjunction with leading agricultural universities and independent third-party research facilities.

Our expertise lies in maximizing production system efficiencies to improve customer profitability. This includes:

  • Nutrition requirements for specific genotypes
  • Nutrient management
  • Ingredient valuation
  • Sow research and gilt development
  • Animal health and well-being
  • Reproduction efficiency

We also have a large number of joint ventures, both domestically and internationally. Our capacity to test products on a large scale and our access to the market allows researchers to partner with us and benefit from our focus on applied science and innovation. We believe in a cooperative atmosphere in our joint ventures, with open sharing of information.