About Us

United Animal Health is a unique organization.

  • Strong customer interactions and knowledge of market that allows for early evaluations of products and introduction of products quickly
  • Proven research capacity with strong research and development efforts becoming stronger
  • A culture that attracts creative entrepreneurs where we share financial success with creative individuals, thus creating an ideal environment for inventive people

We are uniquely positioned to leverage our historic strengths of customer intimacy and competency in research and regulatory activities into dynamic product development grounded in animal agriculture.  Given that our presence in key markets has been crucial to our success, we are expanding our presence as a vital part of the supply chain with particular attention to being close to the customer.

Over the past decade, we have learned a great deal from both our successes and failures in developing new products beyond our nutrition business.  We have excelled at the regulatory aspects of this in a very short period of time and have gained knowledge and expertise in marketing, IP protection and business development.

We have crossed a significant hurdle in our ability to look at our business more broadly than just our feed business.  This was a challenge to overcome, but we have managed to maintain our culture and keep the company together through this evolution.