Identifying the most effective improvements for our customers.

The nursery program is a United Animal Health program that, like everything we do, is the product of extensive customer-focused research. The result is a linked nursery nutrition program that allows pigs to transition through our series of products easily and efficiently. Customers on our nursery program receive regular visits from our expert researchers, who serve as implementation consultants to help get the optimal results out of the program.

Our nursery nutrition products are constantly being tested and improved. Our product formulas are updated every 15 months using 60 plus trials annually to do so. Nursery pig research consists of trials evaluating optimal nutritional concepts and management strategies, and identifying the most effective nursery ingredients or products.

We have multiple research farms, which include discovery facilities for identifying novel ingredients and strategies for the nursery nutrition program, as well as nursery and wean-to-finish facilities that test the nursery program as a whole in commercial-type settings. All of this research is focused on product improvements that will translate into increased profitability for our customers.

This year’s annual update introduces some new products with new names, in addition to improving our existing products to better serve our customers and enhance their bottom lines.

United Animal Health Swine Nursery Products are formulated to promote early intake and growth, while providing research-backed novel and proprietary nutritional blends of dairy and protein products, prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals, and easily-digestible carbohydrate ingredients to maximize gut health and support natural defenses.

Blend of ingredients and nutritional strategies to allow the nursery pig to transition to subsequent nutritional products with ease.

Early Nutrition


Complete top-dress or gruel product designed to promote feed intake in early weaned pigs. *6-11 lb body weight. 12 – 18 days of age.

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Pre-starter pellet to maximize performance in early weaned, light, or health-challenged pigs. *6-13 lb body weight. 12 – 20 days of age.

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Complete Pelleted Starters


Designed to maximize performance in marginal or health-challenged pigs. *9-15 lb body weight. 18 – 25 days of age.

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Formulated for high-health flows at weaning. *11-17 lb body weight. 18 -25 days of age.

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Designed as an economical pellet for the well-starting, healthy flow, or a phase 2 pellet for health-challenged flows. *13-18 lb body weight. 20 -27 days of age.

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Flex Start



The crumble base mix in conjunction with the FS Power Pak is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of a pig based on health, age, and barn logistics.  Maximum performance is achieved when fed secondary to a pelleted starter budget.  The Flex Start program maximizes weight gain, manages scours, and advances pig transition, while adding milling efficiency.  *13-26 lb body weight.  18 – 36 days of age.

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Traditional Nursery Base Mixes & Late Nursery Products


SS 400

An early-phase nursery base mix formulated to optimize performance and ease the transition off pellets to less complex diets. *15-23 lb body weight. 24 – 30 days of age.

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ET 350

An extended budget program option where minimal nursery products are desired. *15-26 lb body weight. 24 – 36 days of age.

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W 150

A transitional nursery base mix to aid the pig in transitioning from a complex starter program to a high plant-based diet. *18-26 lb body weight. 28 – 36 days of age.

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Products that provide essential nutrition coupled with unique technologies and additives to maximize growth performance from nursery into grower production phase.  *25-60 lb body weight.  28 – 63 days of age.

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*Suggested weights and ages are recommended feedings of the various products. Contact your local United Animal Health technical representative for a program designed to meet your pig flow’s nutritional requirements.