Getting Pigs Started Successfully is Critical to Lifetime Performance.

Starting pigs requires precision formulation and high-quality ingredients because meeting the nutritional demands of rapidly changing pigs is a challenge. Accomplishing this in a convenient way with easy execution is hard.

With highly variable feeding strategies, both by system and by health challenge, balancing precision in diet formulation with flexibility and convenience can be difficult. Ingredients in nursery diets are historically hard to deliver to a mill while maintaining ingredient quality and flow, making diet changes tougher.

FlexStart Starts Pigs Strong.

FlexStart allows flexibility to transition the pig through the nursery phase from phase 1 to phase 3 diets in a seamless manner as health conditions, weaning ages, or feed budgets need to change.   Thus, the same product can be utilized with variable inclusion to make diets denser when the pig needs it or reduce inclusion to save costs when health allows it.

You can learn a lot feeding more nursery pigs than any other nutrition company.

The United Animal Health nursery program, like everything we do, is the product of extensive customer-focused research. The result is a linked nursery nutrition program that allows pigs to transition through diet phases easily and efficiently.

Our nursery nutrition products are constantly being tested and improved. Nursery pig research consists of trials evaluating optimal nutritional concepts and management strategies and identifying the most effective nursery ingredients and products.

A Dedication to Research

We have multiple research farms, which include discovery facilities for identifying novel ingredients and strategies for the nursery nutrition program, as well as nursery and wean-to-finish facilities that test the nursery program as a whole in commercial-type settings. This research is focused on product improvements that will translate into increased profitability for our customers.

Research-Based Products

United Animal Health’s swine nursery products are formulated to promote early intake and growth, while providing research-backed novel and proprietary nutritional blends of dairy and protein products, prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals, and easily-digestible carbohydrate ingredients to maximize gut health and support natural defenses.

This blend of ingredients and nutritional strategies enables the nursery pig to transition to subsequent diets with ease.

Start Your Pigs With a Flex. 

Talk to one of our account managers or tech service specialists to learn why United Animal Health feeds more nursery pigs in the US than any other nutrition company.