R & D driven microbial cultivation and fermentation company.

In 2007, United Animal Health acquired the majority interest in Microbial Discovery Group.  The vision of this partnership was to develop innovative direct fed microbial (DFM) technologies and establish a fully integrated approach to isolation, scale-up, manufacturing, animal trials, and distribution of DFM products.

Larger companies tend to develop a product first and then look for a market application for their product.  Smaller companies tend to focus on only one aspect of a problem and are generally too small to serve all your needs.  United Animal Health is large enough to be your full service partner while staying focused on your specific challenges and their solutions.

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Our Partnership

With the basic research and basic manufacturing capabilities of Microbial Discovery Group and the knowledge of the animal nutrition industry and commercial research farms of United Animal Health, our capabilities and your opportunities are unmatched. Our investments in a fermentation facility and pathogen lab ensure you are getting products that work.

Unparalleled development and testing.

We develop our own Bacillus strains, which are selected from our unique and proprietary process and isolated from animals that are fed today’s diets. Each product is researched under controlled, commercial conditions and nothing goes to market until we are sure it does what we say.

Every day, millions of dollars are at stake with the decisions you make with your nutritionists and vets in an effort to optimize how you feed animals. Every decision puts your reputation and livelihood on the line. Our highly scientific and intense selection process, our basic research and basic molecular capabilities, together with our commercial research facilities give you uncompromising results.