United Animal Health is a Global Leader.

At United Animal Health, we have experience solving the nutritional and technical needs of our international business customers.  We are an international leader in the animal nutrition industry and provide research-based products and services worldwide to owners and producers of various animal species.

Companies outside the United States seeking to integrate new and proven technologies into feeding programs can utilize United Animal Health’s dedication to research and large knowledgeable staff, by creating a partnership or distribution relationship with United Animal Health.

United Animal Health has been exporting to Asia, including the Philippines, since 1993. We are now exporting to Korea and we set up distribution in Central and South America. In 2000, United Animal Health formed a joint venture to create Shangdong United Animal Nutrition Company, Ltd. in Weifang, Shandong Province, China.

Our employees are experienced with emerging technologies, modern livestock production and grain merchandising skills. With headquarters in Sheridan, Indiana, USA our company has annual sales revenue in excess of $500 million with nearly 325 employees worldwide.

Our Leadership.

The leadership of United Animal Health continues to be recognized by their peers and the business community for achievements and advancements in the animal health and nutrition industry.

John Swisher, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, was named Entrepreneur of the Year in Ernst and Young’s National Competition and in 2009 was named Indiana Business Leader of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Don Orr, Former President of United Animal Health, served as Chairman of the American Feed Industry Association and as Immediate Past Chairman of AFIA for 2010.

Our Commitment.

United Animal Health is committed to bringing knowledge and improvements to owners and producers through research, products, technology and consultation. Our company is positioned to deliver ingredients, premixes, base mixes, emerging technologies and production knowledge to the International Swine Industry.

We are dedicated to globally improving livestock nutrition and production.

Featured Products


Amnil is a direct fed microbial, developed using innovative and proprietary techniques. Currently available to customers outside the United States.

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Visano is a direct fed microbial (DFM) product for swine, developed using innovative and proprietary techniques for the purpose of encouraging growth performance in nursery pigs and sows.

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Novela is a direct fed microbial (DFM) product for poultry. It is created from a unique and novel combination of multiple Bacillus strains selected from a highly scientific and intense strain selection process. Novela provides consistent proven results.

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Enspira is a precision-engineered blend of culture extracts from two major enzyme- producing fungal strains selected for their ability to more completely degrade NSPs and maximize energy release. This blend consistently releases previously trapped proteins and trace nutrients from dietary cellulose and hemicellulose (non-starch polysaccharides) present in corn, soybeans, wheat and DDGS diets, maximizing energy availability in the animal.



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