Most believe conducting sow research is too costly and challenging. United Animal Health believes it’s worth it.


The United Animal Health Donald E. Orr Swine Research Farm is equipped with industry leading technology, providing the ability to determine factors influencing individual sow and progeny performance in a large-scale commercial setting. These insights reveal the sow’s impact on downstream performance, enabling data driven decisions across the production system for improved systemwide outcomes.

Since 2018, United Animal Health has performed research using the LeeO tagging system to perform:

Systemwide Success Starts with the Sow

We believe a healthy sow is the foundation to a healthy start.

And we go the extra mile to quantify the sow’s impact on downstream performance through extensive research conducted at the UAH DEO Swine Research Farm. This provides United Animal Health the ability to bring customers insights that help optimize systemwide performance.

How can you ensure healthy sows’ provide your pigs a healthy start?

Consider the following:

(1) Optimize nutrition strategies for the breeding herd.

  • Improve gilt development performance for improved sow lifetime performance.
  • Ensure energy & lysine requirements are met through gestation and lactation.
  • Consider customizing nutrition strategies for multiparous females.

(2) Protect your sows from complex challenges caused by mycotoxins, stressors and pathogens.

  • Synergies from mycotoxins, stressors and pathogens can create complex challenge “syndromes”.
  • The sow is a key source of pathogens. United Animal Health’s PathKinex pathogen surveillance platform consistently shows pathogen profiles of piglets mirror their host dam.
  • PathKinex surveillance results reveal that, 86% of the time, there’s more than one pathogen.

(3) Drive lactation feed intakes for improved lactation performance, reduced sow weight loss, reduce prewean mortality, improve weaned pig quality, and optimize subsequent reproductive efficiency.

  • Right feeders
  • Getting sows up
  • Fresh feed
  • Using tools, such as proven DFMs, to drive intakes

Let Us Help Your Mothers.

Strong sow research can help your system. Learn more on how United Animal Health can help your mothers.