United Animal Health solutions are founded on science — science that we perform in our own labs with our own researchers, nutritionists, vets and production experts.  Many companies rely on third party research, performed out of reach of real-world operations. And while that may work for some, it does not provide the speed, accuracy and reliability that we demand.

Innovation and new technology starts in the lab. The research labs allow United Animal Health to test new technologies in labs, before in the industry.

  • Innovation: Identifying solutions that serve an unmet need often begins with our customer. Our account managers maintain a close relationship with our customers and bring their problems back to our team to be solved.  From microbial alternatives to nursery products that give you the competitive advantage, our innovation keeps you ahead.
  • Efficacy: Nothing goes to market unless it does what we say it does.  We test solutions in real-world scenarios and are confident our solutions are effective.
  • Commercial Impact: Trials performed in real-world environments demonstrate scalable performance, cost and safety.
  • Support: Research continues throughout product life cycle to ensure sustainable performance. Adjustments to formulations are made as necessary to respond to changing environments.