United Animal Health Dairy Audits

One of our expert dairy nutrition consultants can perform a no-obligation review of your farm’s current forage, nutrition, reproduction, and automated milking system management programs with our newly expanded “Dairy Check” on-farm audit and monitor systems. From smaller producers to the largest dairies, we can assess and provide expert guidance to improve your operational success. Our technical dairy team possesses the right combination of industry knowledge, the latest research, personal experience, as well as the most up to date tablet and smartphone applications to help you continually improve and build an even brighter future.

Forage Management and Preservation

Forage quality is the #1 component of overall dairy profitability.  The crop you harvest this year is yours for at least the entire next and, therefore, it is of paramount importance to get it right.  It is a very short window to harvest and preserve the very best for your cows to set the stage for their productive success. At United Animal Health, we offer comprehensive forage management plans which include:

  • Assistance in selection of corn hybrids, alfalfa varieties, as well as alternative cover crops from United Animal Health personnel with technical backgrounds in plant genetics, forage quality, and hybrid selection.
  • Smartphone applications for assessment of inoculant and silage cover or plastic needs.
  • A complete portfolio of United Animal Health’s Silage Maker™ brand inoculants and mold inhibitors to ensure proper fermentation and preservation.
  • Broad selection of forage acids and preservatives for hay and haylages, as well as acid blends to reduce heating and spoilage at the silage bunker or in the TMR in the bunk.
  • Distributors of FeedFresh™, SealFresh™, and FeedPro-G™ silage covers, oxygen barriers, and forage plastics in the Midwest for Raven Industries.