About Us

A commitment to quality nutrition.

At the age of 26, with a degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois, John B. Swisher founded United Feeds at Sheridan Indiana. With two employees and $25,000 borrowed from family members, the idea was to attract customers and help them to grow and prosper. United Feeds would grow along with them.

This philosophy has worked beyond his dreams. Mr. Swisher has grown this employee-owned company to over 325 employees manning eight grain facilities, totaling over 20 million bushels of storage, and nine feed mills, supplying customers throughout the United States and Asia. United Animal Health is privileged to serve the top hog producers in the industry.

Around 1965, United Feeds introduced low inclusion rate premix packages that have now become the standard of the industry.

United Animal Health’s commitment to provide quality nutrition technology at a reasonable price is the company’s trademark. Prices are kept low by delivering direct to the customer, no distributorships and very little advertising. United Animal Health’s customers pay only for feed, service and technology.

In 1970, United Animal Health built the organization’s first research farm, with the idea that in order to properly advise our customers, we must be able to test how our products and ideas perform in a production environment that closely resembles our customers’ systems.

In 1975, United Animal Health reached another milestone when the company purchased a regional feed manufacturer. This acquisition meant an increased sales force, increased storage capabilities and an overall increase in feed business in the Midwest.  In the early 1990′s there were a series of mergers and acquisitions to continue to grow United Animal Health.

United Animal Health now has more research farms than anyone in the United States, including specific farrow-to-finish research farms, nursery-finish discovery centers, and nutrient management research facilities.

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The research and development team conducts over 400 trials a year and works in conjunction with several universities, boar studs, and scientists abroad. Along with the development of new feeds, United Animal Health tests genetics, equipment, and management practices.

United Animal Health also offers a computerized record service. This database has over 25 years of information. The production and financial records have served as one of the primary tools for the growth and prosperity of United Animal Health and its customers.

United Animal Health, Inc. is now a prosperous international company with over 325 employees, nine feed mills, and research farms across the country. As the company continues to grow, its areas of expertise lies in research-based animal nutrition products, livestock production, grain merchandising and environmental consulting services.