You’re one step closer to feeding the finest forage.

Feed the Finest Forage
Formulated for optimum ensiling success across a wide range of forages, Silage Maker inoculants contain multiple strains and species of lactic-acid producing bacteria to rapidly consume oxygen and efficiently lower pH under a wide range of ensiling conditions.

  • Haylage
  • Baleage
  • Oatlage
  • Wheatlage
  • Earlage
  • Snaplage
  • Cornsilage



Feeding the Finest Forage is Easy

Step 1: Choose Your Inoculant
Our full range of high-quality inoculants combine lactic acid producing bacteria and enzymes for optimum ensiling and forage preservation.

Step 2: Add Liquid Mold Inhibitor
Add our unique blend of ingredients designed to inhibit mold, yeast and fungal growth for ensiling, haylage and corn silage.

Made in the USA. Contains only non-GMO bacteria.

Feed the Finest Forage

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To ensure superior coverage, don’t forget to add:

Reduce Spread of Mold
A unique combination of mold-inhibiting ingredients designed to inhibit mold, yeast, and fungal growth to help reduce to the propagation and spread of mold in silage bags, bunkers and piles
Added Protection
Multifunctional mold inhibition due to multiple sources of mold-inhibiting actions provides an added level of protection to ensure quality feedstuffs for the upcoming feeding year

Works Fast
Begins working immediately to aid in pH maintenance and temperature drop


Available in two convenient sizes: by tons treated, ½ Gallon: 500 tons and 1 Gallon: 1,000 tons.

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Contact us to see if we can lower your cost per treated ton.

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