Enhance Your Breeding Success with OvuGel

What is OvuGel?

OvuGel is an over-the-counter swine reproductive product that is administered via a non-injectable, fast and easy vaginal delivery system. OvuGel will improve the predictability of ovulation in your sow herd, allowing for a single fixed-time artificial insemination.

How Does OvuGel Work?

OvuGel contains triptorelin acetate, a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist, which mimics the natural release of GnRH by the hypothalamus. This systemic bolus of synthetic GnRH initiates luteinizing hormone (LH) release from the pituitary, which acts upon the ovary to stimulate ovulation. By controlling precisely when LH release occurs, the time of ovulation is more predictable, which provides confidence you can inseminate with only one dose of quality semen.

OvuGel Benefits?

Increase genetic leverage by breeding more sows to boars with higher genetic value.

Reduce semen and labor costs with a single fixed-time artificial insemination.

Allows for induction and attended farrowings because all OvuGel treated sows that become pregnant have a known conception date.

How To Purchase

OvuGel is available for purchase through Animal Health International.

To order OvuGel and associated supplies, please call: 800-735-8387.

For specific questions or to learn more, please complete the form below.