Healthy Animal. Healthy Producer. Healthy Food.

It all starts with a healthy investment in research. We focus on:


Production Challenges

Those that affect animal health

Environmental Challenges

Those that affect workers & communities

Biosecurity Challenges

Those that impact the spread of disease

Science leads to efficient and profitable protein production.


We see a problem.
We look for high-performing animals.
We isolate the best strains.
We purify them and manufacture them.
We run commercial trials ourselves on our own commercial farms.
We distribute products to our customers.


Our primary focus is extensive sow research, the most tedious research to conduct because of the challenging variable with reproduction. While this research is difficult, the rewards are meaningful. A healthy piglet starts with a healthy sow.


Our in-house poultry research focus is from first hatching to seven weeks of age. We have 54 poultry battery pens that hold more than 300 birds. Our trials are conducted on-location where our team sees first-hand the results of our products.


In 2018, we opened a calf research facility. It houses 64 heads, and calves are brought in at one-two days of age and kept through eight weeks of age. This facility has been crucial to the development of our recent calf product.


Why United Animal Health?


We do it all, from the science to the slat

We hire producers, microbiologists, research scientists, veterinarians and nutritionist that work together to discover and innovate our products, then test them extensively before they ever go to market. The result is a confidence that what we sell will be effective in an actual production environment like yours.

We test in commercial environments

We test our products on more than 70,000 animals each year in our own commercial research farms. We never outsource our data to test on a small sample size. We analyze our own data and have replicated commercial production environments for each species.

We are our own biggest critics

Our educated sales and technical service team are the first to be “sold” on our new products. A group swayed only by hard data, solid proof and a reliable scientific approach, they put their reputation on the line when they recommend our products to you. That means they are in this business for the right reasons—to build relationships that last and to add value to the industry they serve.


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