Every year, effort, money, and faith are put into the planting, harvesting, and ensiling of forages that will feed cattle for the months ahead. The quantity and quality of forage will play a substantial role in the profitability of the farm until the next harvest season. In many cases that forage was harvested, chopped, and packed correctly but still many tons are spoiled due to exposure to oxygen from improper feed-out and face management.


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The Silage Maker product line, by United Animal Health, is optimized for success across a wide range of forages, including haylage, baleage, oatlage, wheatlage, snaplage, and corn silage. Our product line contains multiple strains and species of lactic-acid producing bacteria (LAB) to rapidly consume oxygen and efficiently lower pH under a wide range of ensiling conditions.


Silage Maker 100 Silage Inoculant is a water-soluble inoculant for economical, yet efficient ensiling of haylage and corn silage.

Silage Maker 125 Silage Inoculant is a unique combination of bacteria and enzymes for optimum ensiling of forages.

Silage Maker 250 Silage Inoculant is a unique combination of bacteria and enzymes for optimum ensiling of forages.

Silage Maker Opti-Max is a breakthrough inoculant containing a combination of specialized bacteria and enzymes for optimum ensiling corn silage, snaplage, earlage, and high-moisture corn.

The Silage Maker Mold Inhibitor is a dry granular silage inoculant and mold inhibitor and a combination of lactic acid-producing bacteria,enzymes, and mold inhibitors for ensiling, haylage and corn silage.

The Silage Maker Liquid Mold Inhibitor is a unique blend of ingredients designed to inhibitmold, yeast, and fungal growth in wet feeds.

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