Greater Control. Easy To Use. Lasting Efficiency.

OvuGel is a breakthrough animal health technology that will change pig reproduction practices forever.  OvuGel allows swine producers to precisely schedule and manage the reproduction process.  It allows for a single, fixed-timed insemination following OvuGel administration.  While OvuGel will revolutionize sow reproduction and be used as a management tool that will create better operational efficiency, it is the outcomes that change performance and make any team better. 

Key Benefits and Features

  • Facilitates a single, fixed-time insemination program provides greater precision
  • Reduces the labor needed for estrus determination and multiple inseminations
  • Reduces semen requirements by reducing the number of inseminations
  • Increases the number of pigs born from higher EBV boars

Greater Control

OvuGel creates a reliable process that reduces operational risk. You can take greater control of your operation and reduce the need to let the animals run the reproduction operations. This reduces weekend hours and brings precision to the most imprecise activity in pig production.

  • Weekday inseminations
  • Maximize genetics
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Create precision animal reproduction

Easy to Use

The application process is simple and a change is fast and easy to implement. This is not a disruptive implementation. Instead it is an easily trainable process that does not require skilled labor.

  • Simple application process
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • Trainable process
  • No skilled labor required

Lasting Efficiency

OvuGel helps maximize the value of the fixed assets and creates new levels of productivity.  The lasting efficiency can be seen throughout the complete operation, well beyond the farrowing room.  The opportunity for this technology to improve your operation is redefining.

  • Ongoing results after conversion
  • Maximize value of fixed assets
  • Efficiency creates ongoing productivity
  • Future of precision animal agriculture