Creatively serving dairy producers in ways that earn your trust and develop lasting relationships requires a complete understanding of you, our customers. Our dedication to understanding your business, your goals, and your management strategies is a daily focus and enables United Animal Health to further assist in setting the stage for your productive and economic success.

At United Animal Health, you will work with an extensive team that will maintain close contact with our producers to help them be as efficient and productive as possible with all parts of their business. Our consultants, nutritionists, as well as reproductive and forage specialists will provide you comprehensive forage management, nutrition, reproductive, and health solutions and will help you manage those solutions every step of the process.

For over 25 years, United Animal Health has offered its dairy customers comprehensive management programs and advanced nutrition products that are founded on one of the company’s core values: applied research.

Benefits to the Dairy Cow on United Animal Health programs:

  • Improved forage quality
  • Improved animal nutrition and health
  • Reduced metabolic disorders and stress
  • Improved reproductive performance
  • Enhanced dairy cow comfort
  • Improved heifer development
  • Superior dairy production

Benefits to our Producers:

  • Emphasize strengths by one on one consulting supported by a team of technical personnel
  • Maximize forage quality via comprehensive forage management and solutions
  • Optimize production metrics through precise amino acid formulation strategies
  • Technical capabilities to assess, research, and characterize nutrition, reproductive, and health issues specific to your farm
  • Recognize total cost of production
  • Improve profitability on your farm

Featured Products


Strateris populates the gut with good bacteria to help restore and maintain a healthy gut balance.

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M-Mobilize-D is an effective tool for managing your risks associated with forages and feedstuffs.

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Silage Maker Opti-Max is a breakthrough inoculant containing a combination of specialized bacteria and enzymes for optimum ensiling corn silage, snaplage, earlage, and high-moisture corn.

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