Consistency in kcal release.

A variety of synergistic enzymes are required for optimum energy and nutrient release from the complex non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in feed grains. Most NSP enzymes are composed of a limited number of NSP-degrading enzymes from a single bacterial or fungal strain.

Enspira is a precision-engineered blend of culture extracts from two major enzyme- producing fungal strains selected for their ability to more completely degrade NSPs and maximize energy release. This blend consistently releases previously trapped proteins and trace nutrients from dietary cellulose and hemicellulose (non-starch polysaccharides) present in corn, soybeans, wheat and DDGS diets, encouraging energy availability in the animal.


At an inclusion rate of 0.25 lbs/ton of complete feed, Enspira maximizes energy release by approximately 30-plus kcals/lb. In university trials, Enspira demonstrated increases greater than 30 kcals/lb.


University trials verify that Enspira consistently maximizes feed conversion and body weight, compared to diets with greater kcals.

Heat Stability

As with any enzyme, some loss is expected as the enzyme is exposed to heat, pressure or moisture. Such factors can affect the activity of an enzyme. Heat stability is factored in to Enspira from its inception and carried out through delivery. Enspira has undergone rigorous pelleting and stability trials at broiler integrator sites and in university settings. It has demonstrated consistent activity levels in pelleted feeds as demonstrated by animal performance.

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