Hello United Animal Health  –

One of the most common areas of discussion throughout our company is the need for more visibility of our brand and more consistency in our message. We are working on both.  The visibility of our brand is growing and it will continue. The consistency in our brand message – how we describe ourselves, our affiliate companies, and our products – is the subject of a Q1 2021 initiative.

Marketing, Product Management and Sales are undertaking a cross functional goal in Q1 to develop unified messaging for our company and products and we want to hear from you. Your voice is essential in developing the United Animal Health corporate voice and the messages around our solutions.

This is a big undertaking. We know everyone has to describe our company and our products at some time – whether directly to a customer, to the industry, at a conference, or just talking to a neighbor or family and friends. And, we want to know what you are saying. That will help us understand and develop a consistent approach to how to describe us.

Thank you!
David Cain

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