United Animal Health is actively defining the next frontier of technologies relating to animal nutrition and livestock production. Our expert swine research team constantly strives to use their knowledge and the latest technology, in the development of nutritional offerings to improve the efficiency of pork production in an environmentally responsible manner.

United Animal Health’s team of swine nutritionists bring many years of academic and industry experience to the table. They work closely with feed manufacturers and swine producers to provide swine management and nutritional recommendations based on our research and with studies completed by universities and suppliers. The goal is to produce the best nutritional programs available and offer solutions for our customers’ diverse needs.

Nursery Program

The nursery program at United Animal Health is a program that, like everything we do, is the product of extensive customer-focused research. The result is a linked nursery nutrition program that allows pigs to transition through our series of products easily and efficiently. Customers on our nursery program receive regular visits from our expert researchers, who serve as implementation consultants to help get the optimal results out of the program.

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Featured Products

Nursery Products

United Animal Health nursery nutrition products are backed by thorough research and development. Nursery pig research consists of trials evaluating optimal nutritional concepts and management strategies, and identifying the most effective nursery ingredients or products.

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Grow Finish Base Mixes

United Animal Health has developed a number of base mixes that fortify growing and finishing pigs. Various options are available depending on environmental issues, economics, co-product availability, and genetics. United Animal Health has non-phytase, phytase, and aggressive phytase base mixes.

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Sow-Boar Base Mixes

United Animal Health has developed multiple base mixes to meet the objectives of sow herds in a cost effective manner. Various options are available depending on environmental issues, economics, co-product availability, and genetics.

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Specialty Ingredients

Our microbial-based nutrition products are born from exhaustive research and science and then proven in our own research farms. They are developed in our own proprietary microbial research facility. No other nutrition company can say they own a pathogen lab, fermentation facility, and commercial research farms for testing.

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Mycotoxin Mythbusters

In today’s swine industry, producers are constantly faced with production and operating challenges. One of those challenges that can greatly affect profitability, is managing the risk associated with mycotoxin contaminated grains. How will you choose to manage this risk?



The information above does not constitute a medical claim, but instead are the results of our independent research trials. You should conduct your own tests to determine the suitability of our products for your own specific purposes. The information contained herein is based on our own research and to our knowledge is reliable. Statements contained herein should not be considered as, and do not constitute a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, and no liability is accepted for the infringement of any patents.